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Cosmetic Dentistry for Crooked Smiles

Crooked and crowded teeth are a very common complaint. This can be the result of drifting or shifting teeth. Notwithstanding the poor aesthetic quality, uneven, crowded, crooked and or overlapping teeth, can cause serious oral health problems such as periodontal disease, cavities and uneven wear.

Our cosmetic dentist will transform your Crooked teeth into a perfect smile using cosmetic dentistry to create Instant Orthodontics.

Case 1

Creating Smiles Changing Lives

I used to avoid smiling

This patient disliked the appearance of her teeth and lacked the confidence to smile. We used teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to transform her discoloured and uneven teeth into a beautiful white smile.

The patient thanked us for giving her the beautiful smile she always wanted but thought was unobtainable. She said that If someone offered  her $100 000 to go back to the smile she had,  she wouldn’t take it.


Case 2

My teeth were chipped and uneven

Brad was unhappy with his crooked, chipped discoloured teeth. Our cosmetic dentist transformed his smile with a gum lift, whitening and crowns.

Case 3

I hated my overlapping front teeth

Max was unhappy with his crooked, overlapping and discoloured teeth. Max’s teeth were whitened and crowns were placed on his front teeth by our cosmetic dentist.

Max loved that our office was both  professional and friendly.

Case 4

Patient did not want braces

Theresa was unhappy with her crooked smile but did not want to get braces. Theresa’s smile was transformed by our Our cosmetic dentist with porcelain crowns.

Case 5

I wanted to change my teeth

Steve was unhappy with his discoloured and crooked teeth. Our Our cosmetic dentist used a combination of orthodontics and cosmetic bonding to transform his smile from ordinary to extraordinary.

Steve quit smoking because he never wanted to have discoloured teeth again.

Case 6

This patient hated her teeth and never wanted to smile.

Ellen had orthodontics to get her bite into alignment, our Our cosmetic dentist removed her baby teeth and then finished the case with crowns to close the gaps.

The patient thanked us  for our patience, understanding and brilliant workmanship. She said that she was over the moon with the results and that her  new smile had changed her life.