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Cosmetic Dentistry for Old & Worn Smiles

Old dentistry can be replaced using new technology to create the look you want

Case 1

I had been embarrassed by my teeth for several years

Karen saw our work on the internet and flew over from the Northern Territory to have her treatment. She was able to get rid of her denture and replace it with a combination of crowns and a bridge. Karen was very happy with the result.

Case 2

Had let her dental health go for long enough

Samantha’s smile was transformed with cosmetic bonding. Samantha was so overwhelmed when she saw her new smile she cried . She is so happy with her new look she is saving to have her bottom teeth done.

Case 3

I was unhappy with my discoloured and chipped teeth

His smile was transformed with porcelain crowns.

Case 4

My smile had just worn out

Brian’s smile was transformed with porcelain crowns.

Brian was very thankful to Dr Cassimatis and his staff for giving him such a wonderful smile.

Case 5

Case 6