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Cosmetic Dentistry Services – Gum Lift

Are you embarrassed to smile because you show too much gum.  If you currently have a gummy smile, your condition may be the result of a range of factors including the size and shape of your teeth, the size and shape of your lips or an excess of gum tissue.

Healthy and even gum lines are essential to any beautiful smile. Attractive gums complement and frame your teeth, making your smile look healthier and more attractive.

Whether in combination with other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, or on its own, a ‘gum lift’ can produce a remarkable, and often unexpected, improvement of a smile.

The procedure is performed in one visit and healing is usually quick and uneventful.

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment to find out more about gum lifts.

Before Gum Lift                                         After Gum Lift

gumlift_b4 gumlift_after

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