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The GlamSmile Technology

GlamSmile’s speed & affordability comes from breakthrough technology with veneers. Each veneer is custom-made specifically for each patient by skilled technicians using the latest computer-aided (CAD) technology. This procedure ensures that the veneers will fit your teeth & gums perfectly. The shape, thickness & length of veneers are adapted individually to every tooth.

Once the veneer has been designed, it’s produced in high-quality porcelain. The veneers are placed in a special tray, which was specially designed by GlamSmile. This enables Dr. Cassimatis to fit 6 to 10 veneers at once in less than one hour, saving patients money on labour costs. Conventional veneers are attached to the teeth one by one, which means spending more time in the dental chair.

Traditional Veneers Process vs. The GlamSmile Veneers Process

GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers process

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