Can I have Orthodontic Treatment without my teeth being extracted? Yes, Fastbraces® may be the answer for you.

When I consult with Patients about Orthodontic Treatment, usually one of the first questions that they ask is, do they have to have teeth extracted.

This is normal a result of having what we call a crowded mouth. Ideally, you want your teeth to be properly aligned. If your teeth are too big for your mouth or a tooth cannot break through the gum because there is no room for it, an extraction may be required.

Traditional Orthodontic treatment such as braces, may have required tooth extraction to make space in your mouth to improve teeth alignment.
Once a tooth is removed or pulled, there is no going back. So it’s important that together we consider the alternatives to having your tooth extracted.

In our Practice we have introduced the new and exciting Orthodontic System called Fastbraces®. This revolutionary Orthodontic System has reduced the need for extracting teeth in up to 85% of Orthodontic cases which is quite a significant statistic. The Fastbraces® also reduces the treatment time average from 12-36 months down to 3-12 months! This is quite amazing when you think about it.

As a matter of fact, I am treating one of my children with it and their time with the conventional orthodontics was to be 20 months but with the new Fastbraces on her, the Treatment has been reduced to only 6 months and we’re almost complete and let me tell you, I have one happy daughter at the moment.

The secret to the system is the use of the unique bracket and wires designed by the Orthodontist/Inventor of Fastbraces.

Getting the right information for you may save time, unnecessary pain and expensive dental treatment.
If you want to know more about Fastbraces or you have more questions about Orthodontics then get a copy of our free Orthodontic E-Book.

Dr Tony Cassimatics