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Why Do You Need Regular Dental Check-ups?

dental checkups

Why do I need regular dental check-ups? Regular dental check-ups are important as your dentist can provide preventive dental care, check for early signs of dental decay, gum disease, and other dental conditions. What is calculus? The key to looking […]

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When should I bring my child to the dentist?


When should I bring my child to the dentist? Prevention is better than cure. This saying fits perfectly to children’s oral health. The Australian Dental Association’s recommendation is to take your child to the dentist shortly after the eruption of […]

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Why is an Oral Health Therapist Important?

oral health therapist

Who is an Oral Health Therapist? An oral health therapist (OHT) is a dental clinician who is trained to be both a dental therapist and a dental hygienist with a primary focus on health promotion and disease prevention. As a […]

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Do I need a custom-made mouth guard?

mouth guard

Do I need a custom-made mouth guard? Children are back at school and have started signing up for their favourite sport.  Adults are also signing up for the new season of sport. Everyone checks to see that the shoes and […]

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